Flash Arcade

I've developed three Flash games in partnership with indie designer Nathan McCoy. They're all based on Java prototypes he created at his website, NMcCoy.net, and have my endorsement as wicked sweet. These games are all free to play.

  • Star Glaive

    Star Glaive

    A boss rush space shooter in which you to capture the enemy's attacks before returning fire with their own weapons. Not quite a full blooded bullet hell shooter, but in the same family. Features sweet music by John Axon.

  • Missilebreak Outvaders

    Missilebreak Outvaders

    Alien invaders launch nuclear missiles at your cities. Deflect them with a paddle, and destroy the invaders with their own weapons. A ridiculously effective mash-up of Missile Command, Breakout, and Space Invaders.

  • Dragondot


    NMcCoy's signature top-down action game, casting you as a dragon defending its territory against monsters. Gather gold to level up, and save or eat your kobold followers as your whims dictate. Who needs an art budget?

Latest News

April 24, 2013

LCS 4.07.0 Released

New release includes improved knife fighting, sneak attacks, a new shotgun, tougher CCS raids, bug fixes, and more.

April 19, 2013

Site Launched!

The new website is online! Please report any broken links or other issues you encounter with the site, and thank you for visiting. Have fun!