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I’m an independent game programmer and designer, with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design and a minor in mathematics from DigiPen Institute of Technology. I’ve been making games, both on and off computers, since the mid 1990s. I’ve worked with a very broad range of game design paradigms and genres, including but not limited to card games, dice games, board games, RPGs, MMOs, adventure games, strategy games, shooters (first-person and third-person), casual games, and social media games.

I have many interests outside of games, and believe that game design is a discipline that draws upon these and more, touching almost all aspects of life. Deciding to learn computer programming and make games for a living was almost a whim compared to my other ambitions. Ultimately, however, when faced with the choice of whether to study to become an economist, lawyer, or CIA intelligence analyst, I broke free of my limitations and went with something that would let me have a more beneficial impact on society. After all, it’s important for us to make sure we’re properly preparing our children for the coming apocalypse.

Contact Information

Email: jonathansfox@gmail.com

Latest News

April 24, 2013

LCS 4.07.0 Released

New release includes improved knife fighting, sneak attacks, a new shotgun, tougher CCS raids, bug fixes, and more.

April 19, 2013

Site Launched!

The new website is online! Please report any broken links or other issues you encounter with the site, and thank you for visiting. Have fun!